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You Know Your Brand. 

We Know How To Sell Your

Brand On Amazon.

Amazon Product Management, Marketing & Advertising Services

Why IPM?

For over 15 years we've managed brands whose combined sales at Amazon are over $1 Billion.  Our strategy and formula for success is simple: partner with the best brands, build deep and strong relationships, apply our Amazon know-how, stay focused.

15+ Years of Amazon Experience

We started working with Amazon in 2004.  By then we had already been in business 20 years. We've been at it a long time and we love to share our knowledge.

Over $1 Billion
in Sales

We work with numerous major brands at Amazon.  We've also assisted start-ups. Feel free to reach out - we're happy to share details about our success stories.

Highly Focused Approach

We don’t represent hundreds of brands. We stay focused to better understand your business. Our mutual goal is the success of your brand at Amazon.

Full Service Amazon Agency

Five years ago selling on Amazon was much simpler. Amazon Advertising - then called AMS - was in its infancy, Amazon Business was non-existent, and competition was less fierce. Navigating Amazon today is far more complicated: should you go 1P or 3P? Do you have the skills, experience, and time to set-up and manage your own advertising campaigns? What levers can you and should you pull to ensure growth? We're in business to help you with these and other challenges.

Amazon Account Management

Our razor-sharp focus on Amazon has lead to strong relationships, deep knowledge, and specialized skills. Selective representation of premium brands ensures a proactive and detailed approach.

Amazon Advertising

We've been working with Amazon Advertising's UI since its inception. We'll collaborate with you to identify your advertising goals. Then, through both human interaction and proprietary software we'll maximize your results.

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