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Apple Account Management

We have over 15-years of experience helping premium brands grow at Apple.  Apple's own product assortment is expansive, so there's limited space for third party products but plenty of competition for that space. Your product's feature set, interoperability with Apple products, software, and packaging will all be evaluated. We'll help you analyze the opportunity, provide guidance that will help improve your chances of success, prepare for each meeting, and get you in front of the correct teams at Apple. 

Strategy and Execution

Compared to other retailers, Apple has many unique requirements.  For instance, if you develop electronic accessories for iPhone, iPad, or iPod that require the use of Apple licensed technology you'll need to join the MFi Program and become MFi approved before you can get Apple store placement. Whether you have questions about channel management, margin requirements, packaging requirements, MFi contacts and requirements, or global supply chain options, our team can help.

Distribution Relationships

Recently Apple has raised the bar relative to what's required for a direct sourcing relationship. For most vendors Apple prefers to source through one of their approved distributor partners. Our team has relationships with those partners in each region and will help you establish contact and manage your product line with them in the Americas, EMEA, and APAC.


Content on the Apple Online Store should be detailed but concise, highlighting the product features that best compliment Apple's own hardware and your product's functionality.  Our team will help setup, manage, and optimize your AOS (Apple Online Store) content to include tech specs, Apple compatibility information, what's in the box, and image and video content.

Planogram diagramming

Need help determining how to most effectively plan your assoertment to fit Apple's shelf space?  We can help with planning, package dimensions, planogram diagrams, and Apple packaging requirements.  If your packaging too large for Apple's shelves we may be able to offer suggestions that allow you to obtain  retail store placement.

Packaging Guidelines

Our team understands Apple's specific packaging requirements and can help you prepare in advance to make sure your packaging is Apple planogram ready.

Analytics and Reporting

WThe fun part starts when you've been told that you were selected for Apple store or online placement. You'll want to know how to forecast for Apple's initial buy quantities: how much product will be needed in each region, and how much leadtime will be required prior to the go live date? Once the product goes live you'll want regular updates on sell though and in-stock levels including week over week, month over month, and year over year trend analysis by SKU. Our analytics team will help you forecast for Apple's initial buy quantities and — once your product is on the shelf — provide customized weekly sell through reporting.

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