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Our Steps to Success


Catalog Management

Before we collaborate with you to design and launch a marketing and adverting plan, we'll want to ensure that you'll receive the best possible results. Our work starts with catalog management. We'll ensure that Amazon's replenishment codes match your expectations – end of life products will be marked "obsolete", we'll check that active products have the correct replenishment codes to ensure Amazon auto-orders, and we'll work with you to ensure that your full intended product selection is setup.

Content & Search Optimization

Once your products are properly setup in Amazon's system, we'll ensure that your brand identity, messaging and story are clear and consistent across your full range of products. Every product in your catalog will be adjusted to be Amazon search engine optimized. Product titles, bullet points and descriptions will all be analyzed and enhanced. Once these improvements are completed, our software tools will provide ongoing monitoring of every ASIN for review count, average star rating, and any changes that may occur over time. Additionally, our content team will design and build A+ / Enhanced Brand Content (EBC) for each of your products using all of your relevant available assets. We'll also build your brand store pages to ensure that your brand story and the breadth of your product line is on full display.

Purchase & Conversion Optimization

Designing the best possible content is important but will be far less impactful if your products are losing the buy box due to price or availability issues. Our scraping tools can continuously monitor pricing and buy box performance for all of your products, all of the time. If your buy box issues are related to counterfeit, grey market, or unauthorized reseller activity, we can help. With over 35-years each of sales and marketing experience, our executive team knows a thing or two about channel management. We're happy to share best practices for channel clean-up, reducing grey market and counterfeit activity, and maintaining profitability for both your brand and your channel partners. And – in the process – we'll improve your lost buy box metric.

Marketing & Advertising

Once your catalog and content are dialed-in and your buy box performance is improved, we'll work with your team to define objectives for your marketing and advertising plans. Our team of Amazon advertising experts will recommend a budget, help define a strategy, and then setup and manage advertising campaigns that match your budget and ROAS goals. Our software tools will ensure that your campaigns stay within budget, match you ROAS goals, and stay active during peak amazon traffic periods. We'll also design and build your Amazon Brand Stores pages to tell your brand story and ensure your brand gets the broadest possible exposure.

Report, Evaluate & Improve

Looking for verification that our hard work on Amazon is paying off? Our analytics team has designed tools that enable every member of your team to receive the data that they need each week. Executive level summary reporting shows year over year and month over month growth in tables and charts. More detailed reporting shows weekly trend analysis by SKU and provides a quick and easy reference against average run rates. Buy box reporting shows your percentage of won and lost buy boxes and whether they were due to price or insufficient stock. Advertising reporting provides executive-level spend, sales, and ROAS data as well as more detailed individual campaign and top keyword performance.

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