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Amazon EU – Growth Case Study

Large U.S.-based company expands relationship with IPM to amplify Amazon Europe growth.
The brand

With a history of innovation for almost 100 years, the company is a market leader that has set worldwide industry standards for superior and reliable products.

The partnership

The company initially selected IPM to help manage its Amazon US business in 2009 and expanded the relationship in January 2019 to include Amazon Europe.

The opportunity

Effectively managing Amazon Europe requires much the same specialized knowledge and skillsets as Amazon U.S. but also adds additional unique and complex challenges. With seven primary geographies, Amazon Europe services numerous countries with many different languages, currencies, and import regulations. Advertising, content, pricing, analytics, case management, etc. all have to be managed separately for each primary geography. The workload is significant but so is the opportunity.

The solution

The IPM team addressed the workload and manpower need by expanding headcount with additional Amazon-experienced senior-level advertising and content team members specifically hired for this project. The project was addressed in phases, with phase 1 committed to retail readiness, phase 2 to content improvement and advertising strategy, and phase 3 to catalog expansion.


The results

  • 32% YoY COGs sell-through growth in our first full year

  • 70% YoY COGs sell-through growth in our second full year

  • 172% YoY COGs sell-through growth in our third full year

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