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Amazon U.S. – Billion-dollar Company Case Study

Billion-dollar company experiences explosive Amazon growth by partnering with IPM.
The brand

A leading manufacturer of high-quality products under multiple brands that each design and manufacture their own products.

The partnership

Since the company is a marketshare leader, Amazon saw an amazing opportunity for growth if they could pair them with the right partner. At a trade show in 2017 Amazon suggested that the company forge a relationship with IPM. In 2017 we executed an agreement and we’ve worked together ever since.

The opportunity

The primary issue the company faced at Amazon was the need for the specialized knowledge and the time required to successfully grow hundreds of SKUs spread across multiple brands. The opportunity for exponential growth was possible with an experienced and specialized team.

The solution

The brands were in need of a white glove, full-service approach including:

  • A full catalog “retail-readiness” exercise to correct UPC and ASIN mismatches, replenishment code issues, and ongoing inventory issues.

  • A content overhaul for every detail page, including revised product titles and descriptions, improving image quality, building A+ content, and building brand stores for each brand.

  • The design, implementation, and management of a comprehensive sponsored advertising plan, including sponsored brand, sponsored product, and sponsored display campaigns for each of the company’s brands.

  • A full suite of custom reports sent weekly to assist in measuring trend analysis by SKU, YoY and MoM COGS gains, and buy box performance.

  • Ongoing consulting to improve operational efficiencies, improve chargeback avoidance processes, and to help design and implement an internet marketplace policy.

The results

Through hard work and crisp execution, the IPM team delivered immediate results:

  • 247% COGs growth in our first 4 months of service versus the 8-month period prior to our start 

  • 260% YoY COGs sell through growth in 2018 (our first full year) versus 2017 

  • 45% YoY COGs sell through growth in 2019 versus 2018 

  • 34% YoY COGs sell through growth in 2020 versus 2019 (excludes 3 months of COVID restrictions where Amazon generated orders only for essential goods)

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